Best Prohormone Stack To Improve Your Fitness

A good number of fitness enthusiasts use prohormone stacks to help them accumulate powerful, lean muscles. This is because the use of a single supplement often fails to deliver the desired outcome. By using the best prohormone stacks, one can combine different supplements that yield the various effects included in their fitness goals.

Why Look for a Top Prohormone Stacks?

Besides complementing each other, supplements used together help prevent each other’s side effects. For instance, one of the product’s undesired effects could be increasing wet mass. This could be complemented by a different substance that facilitates the accumulation of dry mass. The user is therefore able to attain their desired outcome, but without the side effects.

Common Ingredients

Vitamin C in the form of ascorbic acid is one of the ingredients used in top prohormone products. This substance acts as an effective deterrent against bacteria and parasites. Vitamin B6 comes is useful in producing energy and promoting health to prevent a host of illnesses. It also increases the body’s sensitivity to testosterone. Calcium is also used in many supplements to promote fat loss. Zinc is also included because it supports the body’s logical functions, helps repair damaged DNA, speeds up recovery time and regulates glucose levels.

Choosing the Best Prohormone Stack for Your Fitness Goals

Each prohormone will have a unique intended impact on the body. But how your own body reacts to a particular supplement is bound to differ with the way it could affect a different person. As such, one needs to observe how different substances individually affect their body in order to come up with the best combination.

This process is quite easy to implement. If a single product fails to produce the desired result when used in isolation, it’s not likely to improve even when included in a stack. Conversely, a combination of different products that work well individually would be likely to bring the best results.

Before settling for a combination, the golden rule is to identify the exact outcome it is intended to deliver. A person could feel that excess boy fat is hindering them from improving their physical appearance. Or perhaps one wants to build muscle but finds their workout routine to be ineffective. The right prohormone stack will surely make this possible within a short period.

A vital consideration before picking a stack is its potency. Additionally, it’s also essential to determine whether or not the stack is methylated. Methylated products have been known to overwork the liver, since it has to break down some of the prohormone’s components. Although most of these products will be excreted out of the body, this ultimately results in increased toxicity. It’s also advisable to keep in mind that the objectives and risks involved are what determine the prohormone stack to use.

Beginners are hence advised to avoid taking the prohormones in large doses due to this factor. Instead, one should use mild products with low doses for the first 3-4 weeks. An estrogen blocking product could also come in handy during the initial stages of the prohormone cycle. This can either be used during the period of use or after the cycle is complete.


While using the supplements, one is advised to include protein (about 2g per lb. of bodyweight) in their diet. Water is also absolutely crucial since most products will be consumed orally. Taking a few grams of fish oil each day would also help in protecting the liver.

Prohormone stacks are an effective way to help one gain muscle and increase strength. Most users would thus feel compelled to raise their training volume. This would however be counterproductive; instead, one should increase the weights and reduce the volume when they’ve completed the cycle to help retain the gains.