Best Legal Steroids For Sale [No Side Effects]

The very term steroids are quite scary. The media has been filled with reports of athletes taking illegal amounts of steroids for their personal use, but if made in excess, they boost natural muscle mass formation. This results in an unlawful edge for athletes in competitive sports. As a result, doping or illegal steroid use is regulated quite strictly by athletic associations.

What’s The Best Legal Steroids For Sale In 2020?

When we already know that steroids are illegal, the term ‘legal steroids’ is quite confusing. However, the term legal steroids refer to different groups of steroids entirely. These compounds are precursor compounds that turn into active hormones inside the human body. A few websites also explain that legal steroids are essentially prohormones. According to these websites, prohormones are nothing but chemical compounds that potentate or amplify the effects of hormones or steroids.

Almost every hormone has a corresponding prohormone in the body. By increasing your intake of legal steroids or prohormones, you are causing the body to release more natural hormone by freeing it from stored resources. However, there is a limit to this conversion process, and a dose limit is reached.

As a result, unlike steroids, it is not possible to endlessly increase prohormone doses to get the most results. However, once the prohormones are released into the blood, they activate the androgen receptors present in muscles all over the body. They also enable all other kinds of androgen receptors present in the body. That means that prohormones do accelerate muscle mass formation and muscle mass. They also trim away excess fat during the process of producing extra muscle mass. As a result, if the person is eating correctly and working out correctly, he will notice an increase in muscle mass with fat reduction resulting in increased muscle definition.

What results can I expect from legal bodybuilding steroids? Are there any side effects?

The top steroids available can cause a tremendous increase in muscle mass and muscle strength. Most users have reported increased muscle mass, increased bone mass, fat loss, increased muscle definition, superior strength, and endurance, improved sexual performance, better fatigue recovery, etc. But along with the good comes the bad. Almost every drug has side effects, and prohormones are no different. Long-term use of prohormones will result in the same side-effects that are seen about increased androgen and estrogen hormone levels. Side effects may be limited to effects like loss of libido, hair loss, acne, liver damage, prostrate swellings, development of female breast tissue, etc. However, the actual side-effects vary from one person to another. Some people experience no side-effects while others experience every side-effect possible. Individual consumers may also develop additional dangerous allergies which will require complete stoppage of the prohormones or legal steroids. The good news is that you can control these side effects by using correctly calibrated cycles and supportive cycle therapy.

What are stacks? How do I choose the best steroids for myself?

There is no particular top steroid or best steroid for any individual. Individual bodies will differ in their physiological make-up. As a result, everybody will not face the same side-effects, and some people will experience better effects with the same steroids as compared to others. We recommend you try out several steroids online before you finally pick a stack or combination for your particular needs. However, commercial preparations are available in the form of stacks. Some drugs work together better in a reaction called synergy. This same synergistic effect is also capable of prohormones. As a result, professional bodybuilders now recommend the use of stacks or combination prohormones to get the best effects. These stacks are designed to build muscle and improve overall endurance and strength. We’ve listed a few examples here:
1. 4AD coupled with 1, 4 Andro –
2. 1AD or 1-test coupled with 4AD
3. 19-Nordiol coupled with 4AD
4. 1AD or 1-test coupled with 1, 4 Andro
5. 19-Nordiol combined with 1, 4 Andro

These are just two injectable hormone cycles that are used to bulk up, but now users are shifting over to supplements, liquid delivery, topical stickers, sublingual and intranasal delivery systems. Although the injectable system gains the fastest response, oral and transdermal methods are popular as well.

What is cycling?

The human body produces a small number of hormones daily. However, when you eat an external source of a hormone, the body detects this external supply and stops producing its internal supply of hormone. This process is known as negative feedback. As a result, you cannot stop your unknown amount of prohormone or legal steroids suddenly. If you do so, you will knock out your body’s natural hormone cycle, and you could land up with dangerous medical conditions. To bypass or control this feedback mechanism, professionals recommend cycling or tapering the dose of external hormone over a week. This means that you reduce the dosage of your prohormone.
The body detects this and increases its production of a natural hormone to keep up with cellular demand. Please note that with 2-3 weeks of external testosterone supply, the body stops producing endogenous testosterone. As a result, most athletes recommend starting with a 2-week cycle and then increasing or decreasing the sequence according to requirements.

What are the most common PHs available and how do I use them?

1-Testosterone – This is probably the most commonly used PH all over the world. As it is an active compound, enzymes are not needed to convert it and to start acting in the body. It does not produce estrogen, and it is incredibly useful in building body mass and strength. This compound is particularly recommended for athletes who want lean muscles. The most common side effects associated with this compound are lethargy and loss of sex drive. But it combined with other medication to negate this effect. The most common dosage amount for this PH is 75-300mgs taken orally, three times daily or 75-200mgs taken once every twelve hours daily.

1AD (1-androstene-3beta, 17beta-diol) – This is also a prevalent compound given in combination with 1-test. It converts very fast into the 1-testosterone form after ingestion, and this seems to potentiate the effect of the combination.. 1AD I usually gave orally in about 300-900mgs taken three times daily.

4AD (4-androstenediol) – For users, 4AD works well as it is an excellent combination with 1AD or 1-test. This combination is particularly useful in negating the amount of estrogen produced during the cycle. It also seems to negate the lethargy and lowered sex drive that is seen in the 1-test+ 1AD. The usual combination is of 300-1500mg given daily. This is higher than the usual dose, but it is spread out in three doses over a single day. The mixture can also be taken in the liposomal form in which the 350-750mgs treatment of the PH is suspended in the labial sulcus between the teeth and the lip. This dose is absorbed better, and it is spread out over three treatments in a day.

Nordiol (19-nor-4-androstenediol) – This drug is probably the new kid on the block, but it is beneficial in causing muscle mass formation and muscle bulk. At the same time, it increases fat loss and ensures a lean muscled look that is difficult to gain with dieting. According to some users, this PH also seems to negate the androgenic side effects associated with cycling. It has a deficient androgenic activity, and it is specifically recommended for people who fear hair loss. However, it does seem to cause gynecomastia and should be used with caution. Users should also know that this PH takes a long time to start working and, 4-6 week cycles may be required. Typical doses will need 600-1500mg to be made in three doses over a day. A liposomal treatment is also possible in the form of 350-750mgs per day in three doses.

1,4andro (1, 4-androstadiene-3, 17-Dione) – This is the perfect PH for people who do not want to gain mass with water retention. Due to its highly anabolic effect, users have reported a small estrogenic activity as well. However, this estrogen production can be controlled with post-cycle and intercycle therapy. Users have also reported an increased appetite with this PH along with faster results. It is most active orally, and results are seen in 2-3 weeks. The recommended daily dose is about 300-600mg taken thrice daily.

What is intercycle therapy and post cycle therapy?

As we’ve already stated, most PHS have a series of side effects that can damage the body considerably. To mitigate these side effects, you have to use supportive of post-cycle therapy that will maintain your health and reduce side effects. The most common drugs used in post-cycle treatment include the following:

1. SERMs or selective estrogen receptor modulators are the most commonly used drugs in post-cycle therapy. These drugs battle and reduce estrogen-related side effects.
2. Aromatase inhibitors are also widely used as block the formation of extra estrogen and ensure that the body’s natural testosterone level is higher.
3. Testosterone boosters are also widely used. Also, This may include a range of supportive medications and herbs like a horny goat to Tribulus Terrestris.

Intercycle therapy refers to drugs that have to consume during the cycle to reduce the effects associated with PHs. For example supplements like Hawthorne’s berries are used to control blood pressure and blood circulation problems, red yeast rice is used to lower blood cholesterol levels. CoQ10 is used as an anti-oxidant, and celery seed extract is used to combat high blood pressure and anxiety.

How Do I Buy Steroids Online?

You can buy steroids online. Please note that medical-grade steroids will require a prescription from your doctor. If you are using legal steroids or PHs, then you do not need a prescription. You can buy legal steroids from online websites, local supplement stores and even local health food stores. However, when you buy steroids pills for sale from an international site, make sure you check the manufacturing location. You should know that the FDA does not regulate PHS manufacturing. As a result, you are never sure about the active ingredients in the supplement. We recommend you buy the best legal steroids from a manufacturing unit in your country. This way you can get in touch with them to verify the content, strength, and purity of the ingredients in your supplements.

How much will this cost me?

The best oral steroid supplements cost anywhere from $30 to about $100 per bottle. However, you will have to spend more in the form of supportive pills and capsules as well. On an average, you can expect your bodybuilding supplements to cost anywhere from $1000 to about $2500 per year.

So who should take prohormones and who should not?

Professional bodybuilders can use legal anabolic steroids as they know the correct combination of drugs or stacks that will achieve maximum results. However, prohormone use is contraindicated in people under the age of 18 as their bodies have not yet developed completely. As a result, excess hormone consumption during this time will result in the body being taught to stop producing natural hormones. It becomes utterly dependent on external sources of the hormone. Other people who should avoid these muscle building steroids are people with prostate problems, liver and kidney problems, and heart conditions.

The bottom line

You can easily find a legal steroid company or website to buy your natural steroids. You can even find steroids for sale at local pharma websites, supplement companies, and medication websites. However, you should know that legal steroids for sale are sold in very few countries.

Some countries may allow you to browse and buy steroid pills for sale, but you might face legal prosecution when the legal steroid pills or anabolic steroid pills are delivered to your home. We recommend you check local rules and regulations regarding the purchase and use of oral steroids, steroid pills or steroid tablets.