Best Cutting Stack & Nutrition Tips To Get The Most From The Cycle

Eating well is necessary when you work out. Most bodybuilders are aware of this fact and they combine optimum diet control and nutrition with the best best cutting cycles and the best cutting stacks for maximum effects. However, newbies may not be aware of how this works. If you are new to the world of steroids, prohormones and bodybuilding, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve create a short list of nutrition tips that you should follow even when you are using the best steroid cutting stack and the best cutting cycle

Tip#1 – When to start cutting?

Ideal timelines tend to vary according to the athlete’s body weight and structure. On an average, if you want to lose 10 pounds or less, you will have to start cutting 2-3 months ahead of competition season. Similarly, for 20 pounds, a preparation period of 4-5 months is ideal. You should keep a one to two week lag period around this timeline to cover any relapses and obstacles. If you don’t have so much time, we would still recommend that you keep at least six weeks for the cutting program to start working.

Tip#2 – Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

Pre and post workout nutrition is very important to almost every athletes. When you work out, you increase catabolism or calorie burning. At the same time, your muscles also tend to workout and get slightly damaged. You have to balance your pre and post nutrition workout in such a way that your muscles are repaired, you have energy for the workout, and the body is using stored fat as well to create a trimmed appearance. Try to add carbs to pre and post workout regimes and make sure you also keep your protein intake to about 1.5 to 2 gms per pound of body weight for optimum nutrition, maximum muscle gain and fat loss.

Tip#3 – Always Drink Enough Water

We are made up of 60% water and you do require more water when you are working out to flush out toxins and keep your body hydrated. So drink plenty of water and keep hydrated. Try to avoid juice, carbonated drinks, alcohol, milk and other water-containing drinks as they will add to your calorie and fat count. Alcohol, in particular, is quite dangerous as it contains added sugars which will mess with your diet and nutrition. It also seems to inhibit protein synthesis resulting in low muscle mass formation and more fat gain.

Tip#4 – Calorie Counting

There is no definite count as your calorie intake for the day depends on your gender, your activity and workout routine. Males require more calories than females and heavier people require more calories as compared to lighter people. On an average, stick to a 1700- 2500 calorie count per day during a cutting cycle to ensure a ripped lean look.

A word of caution though: Even the best cutting stack may not produce the right results on every body. You should know that human beings are unique. What one person is considering the ‘best steroid cutting cycle’ for his body may not produce results on your body. In that case, we recommend switching over to a company-produced stack of cutting products. This is because most companies produce stacks and support products with carefully measured doses. You are more likely to see results with these products and you will experience fewer side-effects as well.